[Lecture] Tips for the Mana­ger of a Mentor

Extraits de The Mana­­­­­­­ger’s Path

As a mana­ger you help your team succeed by crea­ting clear, focu­sed, measu­rable goals.

C’est répété un peu partout, expli­ci­te­ment ou impli­ci­te­ment, mais je pense que j’au­rais bien eu besoin de cette lourde répé­ti­tion il y a quelques années donc autant la repro­duire dans mes cita­tions.

Deve­lo­ping patience and empa­thy is an impor­tant part of the career path of anyone working in a team-based envi­ron­ment. Brilliant, intro­ver­ted deve­lo­pers may not ever want to formally manage, but encou­ra­ging them to mentor 1–1 helps them deve­lop stron­ger exter­nal pers­pec­tives, not to mention their own networks. Conver­sely, an impa­tient young engi­neer may find a degree of humi­lity when tasked with helping an intern succeed

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