[Lecture] Good Mana­ger, Bad Mana­ger: The Process Czar

Extraits de The Mana­ger’s Path

Process czars may be obses­sed with agile, Kanban, scrum, lean, or even water­fall methods. They may have a very precise idea of how on-call should work, how code reviews must be done, or how the release process has to operate.

On m’a appris assez tôt que les livres et les méthodes servaient de cadre de réfé­rence mais que si on fait exac­te­ment comme dans le livre c’est qu’on a loupé quelque chose.

If you are honest and make it clear that it’s safe to fail and to be imper­fect, that’s often enough to get your process czar to relax a little bit and let some ambi­guity in.

Je ne l’en­vi­sa­geais pas ainsi avant ma lecture mais c’est assez vrai.

Je préfère l’ini­tia­tive au mode singe savant. L’ini­tia­tive implique l’échec. Si je veux de l’ini­tia­tive l’échec est forcé­ment accep­table.

Un process qui rend l’échec inac­cep­table c’est souvent un process qui coupe l’ini­tia­tive ou l’adap­ta­tion locale.

Indi­vi­duals and inter­ac­tions over processes and tools

Working soft­ware over compre­hen­sive docu­men­ta­tion

Custo­mer colla­bo­ra­tion over contract nego­tia­tion

Respon­ding to change over follo­wing a plan

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