What’s in your daily bag(s)?

In mine : My wallet, two key rings, the 13″ laptop with its sleeve (I do not trust enough the bag’s protec­tion in case I put it down a bit too strong), a 6″ e-reader, an A5 spiral note­book with its pen, a large blue­tooth head­set, an ombrella, a cap (or gloves and beany in winter), a small pouch, and frequently a 50cl bottle of soda.

In the small pouch: two travel batte­ries for smart­phone, one small micro-usb cable and one retrac­table, a pair of sun glasses, two packs of paper hand­ker­chief, a thun­der­bolt to ether­net adap­ta­ter, a small in-ear head­set.

2016-04-10 19.13.48

Option­naly I may also have a pullo­ver, the laptop char­ger – when I know I will stay more than half a day outside home or office – and/or a small shoul­der bag.

What about you? Would you get a picture of your daily bag(s)’s content?




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  1. Avatar de Mère Geek

    I would never get a picture of my purse’s content.

    I can reveal most of the things that are in this handbag :
    – ID papers
    – credit card
    – keys
    – paper planner (oldschool style)
    – Opinel n°6
    – a spoon
    – tissues
    – Doliprane
    – a pen
    – sometimes (depends on my mood) : candies, Pom’potes, little water bottle, change, a book, a Kindle
    – some weird things to give to kids to get them quiet (little toys, color pens, balloon…)

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