Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort

Cmdr. William Marks, a Navy spokes­man in Washing­ton, said: “It would be a concern to hear any coun­try was tampe­ring with commu­ni­ca­tion cables; howe­ver, due to the clas­si­fied nature of subma­rine opera­tions, we do not discuss speci­fics.”

[…] What worries Penta­gon plan­ners most is that the Russians appear to be looking for vulne­ra­bi­li­ties at much grea­ter depths, where the cables are hard to moni­tor and breaks are hard to find and repair.

[…] The excep­tions are special cables, with secret loca­tions, that have been commis­sio­ned by the United States for mili­tary opera­tions; they do not show up on widely avai­lable maps, and it is possible the Russians are hunting for those, offi­cials said.

— NY Times

Dit autre­ment, les USA sont inquiets que la Russie puisse envi­sa­ger de faire ce qu’ils aime­raient se réser­ver à eux seuls.

L’ar­ticle parle de guerre froide, on en n’est pas loin. Savoir les USA seuls maîtres du monde n’est pas forcé­ment plus réjouis­sant. Si quelqu’un a une solu­tion, qu’il la parta­ge…





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