Moores law hits the roof

Through the last 40 years we have seen the speed of compu­ters growing expo­nen­tially. […] We are now approa­ching the physi­cal limit where compu­ting speed is limi­ted by the size of an atom and the speed of light.

Agner`s CPU blog

Et le reste de l’ar­ticle parle de nano­mètres, de paral­lé­li­sa­tion, de puces en trois dimen­sions… Jolie mise en lumière des enjeux à venir.

As the rate of growth in hard­ware tech­no­logy is slowing down, and consu­mers turn to small portable devices where battery life is more impor­tant than number-crun­ching power, the soft­ware indus­try now has to change its course.

Pas nouveau, mais rassu­rant quelque part, nos besoins évoluent en même temps que les limites s’ap­prochent.


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