7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Secu­rity Expert’s Pers­pec­tive)

Remem­ber those full-body scan­ners that leaked naked pictures of random citi­zens all over the Inter­net? The last ones were remo­ved earlier this year, but did you ever wonder how those things were appro­ved in the first place?

Blame Michael Cher­toff, former secre­tary of Home­land Secu­rity and head of the Cher­toff Group, which in 2010 repre­sen­ted a little company named Rapis­can. In addi­tion to soun­ding like « Rapey-Scan, » Rapis­can was in the busi­ness of making full-body scan­ners. Cher­toff stood in front of Congress (his friends and former co-workers) and explai­ned that these scan­ners were the future of secu­rity (« and, » he neglec­ted to add, « the future of ME getting very, very rich and horrible »). Congress liste­ned, and for the first time they manda­ted a piece of equip­ment for use in Ameri­can airports. Remem­ber: These were poli­ti­cians with no secu­rity creden­tials. They deci­ded Cher­toff was an hono­rable man and went along with every­thing he said.

Extrait de 7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Secu­rity Expert’s Pers­pec­tive)

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